silk benefits

Silk is a natural fibre that’s breathable. This means that it’s safe for baby and beyond. It’s temperature regulating, meaning it keeps you and baby warm in winter but cool in summer.

It’s hypoallergenic. This is a biggie! Silk won’t harbour any of those nasty allergens. This is especially important for those babies that have skin issues like eczema and allergies. It doesn’t attract dust mites and it’s a natural anti fungal.

It's kind to skin. Silk stops your skin being pulled and dragged as you move in your sleep.

It’s anti friction, so everyone wakes up without face creases and frizzy hair, while baby skips that awkward bald spot phase.

It’s also hydrating so you wake up refreshed without dried out skin and hair.


So what does all of this really mean? Better skin, better hair, better sleep and a better you.